Patient's stories (video)

Patients stories form an important part of support as many people report that listening or reading to someone else who has the same infection and thinking about their experiences helps them feel less alone as they work out how to come to terms with their own illness. 

Carers are not forgotten as they are a very important part of the people we support - in fact if we only supported patients we would be negelcting half of the people we need to help. Two of the video's below are given by carers. 

These are short video clips from patients who have used the National Aspergillosis Centre and who have attended some of the patient support meetings held once a month at the University Hospital of South Manchester.

Written stories

Once you have finished listening to these video's you might be interested in reading the written stories from patients and carers in our collection.

In time you may even want to add your own story and that is possible using the same website - all you need to to is apply for membership and then login. Browse back to this page to add your story.


ABPA patient describes her allergic aspergillosis.

Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis

Wife of patient with CPA, describes their experiences at the Centre.


Patient with aspergilloma describes his treatment

Carers Experiences

Aspergillosis patient's wife describes care and treatment of her husband and support at the Centre

Severe Asthma with Fungal Sensitisation (SAFS)

Patient with severe asthma with fungal sensitivity (SAFS)