Why do we get Seasonal Allergies? When our immune system goes rogue.

This video summarises one of the most miserable impacts of spring & summer that some of us get. It suggests why we get them and why it doesn't affect other people.

Seasonal rhinitis (Hay Fever) is bad enough, but if you are sensitive to moulds you will find that you can have similar symptoms at certain times of the year when pollen is less of a problem, but also respiratory symptoms, especially if you have asthma or sinusitis. There are many different types of fungi in outside air and many are at their most prolific at different times of the year. For those people in the northern hemisphere you can check the diagram below to try to discover which fungi might coincide with the worst of your symptoms.

Treatment for sensitivity to airborne fungi is similar to that for hay fever - avoid contact with the allergens, close windows and avoid going outside for long periods of time during the worst days, wear a facemask (FFP2)  and ensure that the pollen filters in your car are clean and working at top efficiency. Your doctor may be able to suggests a good anti-histamine medication and increasingly we are seeing the influence that maintaining a good gut microbiome can help some people.

Article of interest: Short term effect of pollen and spore exposure on allergic morbidity in the Brussels-Capital region