Video resources for patients

Some of our Support Meetings have involved demonstrations of good practice for better health. In particular our physiotherapists have given several talks that offer practical help.

Physiotherapy- breathing techniques and importance of exercise for patients with aspergillosis.
By Philip Langridge view Slides or Notes


Physiotherapy- how to produce a sputum sample when asked - tips to help.
This is a modified concise version of the breathing techniques described above.

More recently our physio's have given several more talks to our Patients Support Meetings (this time audio and slides rather than video) on the following subjects:

Managing Breathlessness

Staying strong in hospital

Nebulisers - What we use and why

How to use your inhaler

More subjects

Our collection of recording of our Patient Support Meetings is now quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of subjects inclucing

Photosensitivity and how to protect yourself

How to give up smoking

What to do in heatwaves

Aspergillus in the home

There is much more to see - browse the whole list 


Additional videos

View video interviews with patients who have aspergillus - sharing their experience with others.

View short clips from patients attending the patients meetings describing their experiences and using the National Aspergillosis Centre:

Video's include

Elizabeth with allergic aspergillosis.
A patient with an aspergilloma
A patient with severe asthma with fungal sensitivity
A patient's wife describes her husband's CPA and their experiences.
A patient's wife describes her experiences.

Aspergillosis for Patients meeting in Rome

Several videos from the meeting for patients at the 5th Advances against Aspergillosis in Rome, February 2010, a series of talks from medical specialists designed to inform a range of patients: Rome Meeting - view videos.