Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health has a long history of being considered a taboo subject. But with 1 in 4 of us experiencing a mental health problem at some point in our lives, talking about mental health is more important than ever. Both carers and people living with long term health conditions can be at an increased risk of experiencing mental health difficulties like stress, anxiety and depression.

This World Mental Health day, we’re bringing together some top tips and resources from around the web to help patients who are living with aspergillosis and their carers, friends and family. If there are ways you care for your own mental health that you’ve found particularly helpful, or resources you use that aren’t listed here, feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook group – your experience might help someone else.

Useful Websites

The NHS Choices webpage ‘Stress, Anxiety and Depression’ offers short and long term tips to safeguard your mental health. There’s also an interactive section called ‘Check your mood’ which can help you to capture how you’ve been feeling in the last fortnight, and point you in the direction of the best help for you.

Mind is a charity dedicated to empower everyone who experiences mental health difficulties. Their Information and Support section includes information on types of mental health problems, treatments, helping others, and helplines. 

The Carers’ Trust has a webpage for carers’ health and wellbeing, which is a great resource and includes advice on mental health, loneliness and taking care of yourself.

The link between mental health and chronic illness is well known. The National Institute of Mental Health talks about the relationship between the two on their website.

And finally, our Facebook groups are safe, supportive places to chat about aspergillosis. We have an Aspergillosis Support group and a Carers and Partners: Aspergillosis group, amongst others. 



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