Patients Meeting at the 8th AAA, Lisbon 2018

The Science and Medical Communications Team at the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) in Manchester, UK run a large support program for patients and carers including monthly meetings at NACSkype meetingsFacebook groups as well as supporting NHS Choices on fungal disease.

As part of that program we ran a very successful support meeting for patients and carers at the 7th AAA in Manchester and we want to do the same at the 8th AAA in Lisbon starting at 1pm (1pm GMT) on Thursday 1st February.

Proposed Program

1300 Meet & Greet  
1330 Welcome Graham Atherton (NAC team lead)
1335 The making of the National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester, UK  Chris Harris (NAC Manager)
1350 Patient Support resources   Graham Atherton 
1405 Online information about aspergillosis: a double-edged sword  Beth Bradshaw
1420 Launch of International Aspergillosis Day (Feb 1st)  Rachel Orritt
1435 Break (Light lunch)  
1500 Genetics of Aspergillosis  Paul Bowyer & Agostinho Carvalho
1530 End/Informal chatting/networking  

If you are a patient or carer, or even a doctor or nurse wanting to hear more about the work of the National Aspergillosis Centre, please register with us to attend the meeting by sending an email to with ‘8th AAA registration’ in the subject line.

We will have some written information available in Portuguese

Attendance at the Patients Meeting is free of charge but you will not be granted access to the main scientific section of the conference.