Managing the end of our lives, information for patient & carer

In the summer of 2014 we held a discussion with a group of patients & carers at our monthly meetings at the National Aspergillosis Centre on the subject of preparing for the end of our lives, the taboo's, the real need to prepare for our sake and those of our close relatives - and how our health services might better help all of us have the best death possible. The discussion was led by NAC Director David Denning and can be heard here.

Prof Denning provided two thought-provoking video's to support his talk.

Dying Matters are a UK charity who support and promote better planning for the time at the end of our lives. Dying Matters is a coalition of 30,000 members across England and Wales which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make better plans for the end of life.

Lets talk about dying TED talk by Peter Saul (ER doctor)

Prepare for a good end of life TED talk by Judy MacDonald Johnston (Carer)

In addition we have some good web-based resources

How we die - a website that shares the personal stories of others

Changing the way we die - a valuable book

Learning course: Spiritual guidance

People who attend our patients meetings also have access to several books we think are useful.