Patients Meeting - Rome 2010

The following international meeting was recorded especially for patients with aspergillus related problems- designed to provide a resource for patients and address some of their questions. Some talks are now also available as podcasts at the iTunes store - search for "aspergillus and aspergillosis podcasts"


Introduction and Welcome
by Geoff Scott

How important is Aspergillus in cystic fibrosis?
by Rick Moss (Includes ABPA)
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Aspergillus and CGD
by Brahm Segal
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Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
by David Denning
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Why is invasive aspergillosis such a difficult disease to diagnose and treat? by Marta Stanzani
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Steroids, Aspergillus and antifungals
by Russell Lewis
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Surgery for aspergilloma and invasive aspergillosis.
by Gilbert Massard
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Getting antifungal levels right right - why does it matter?
by David Andes 


How can I clean up my environment at home?
by Malcolm Richardson
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This meeting was sponsored by the Fungal Research Trust with the support of Astellas, Pfizer and Gilead in February 2010

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