Skype Group

Skype is a free phonecall and video call service that enables the user to contact a fellow Skype user anywhere in the world with no call charges! To use Skype you need a computer, tablet or smartphone with the free software installed - or even just an ordinary phone. Read more about installing Skype here

Following our successful trial with Skype at the Patient & Carer meeting in December 2016 we will provide a permanent Skype chat group that Patients & Carers can use for their own meetings & chats. This means that if two or more of you want to have a video chat then this is a simple way to all meet using Skype - I envisage people who are in a conversation on Facebook might like to meet on Skype or our regional groups might like to hold group meetings here. We suggest that you arrange a meeting time with the people you want to chat with.

Once a month we will also broadcast the Patient & Carer meeting from the National Aspergillosis Centre on this group so that everyone can join in no matter where they are in the world. We hope that having listened to a speaker you will be able to ask questions and interact as if you were in the room.

You can connect to this group using this Skype Group Link or by calling 0161 818 8314 (NOTE this is a UK number, normal charges apply)

Fron Feb 2nd 2017 we will hold a regular weekly Skype meeting too on each Thursday at 11am - use the same connection settings as given above. The connection details will change as we add features to the meetings but the connection details here will always be correct.