Skype Group

Skype is a free phonecall and video call service that enables the user to contact a fellow Skype user anywhere in the world with no call charges! To use Skype you need a computer, tablet or smartphone with the free software installed - or even just an ordinary phone. Read more about installing Skype here.

Once you have Skype installed, everyone who calls the group by clicking here will be automatically added to the group. You dont have to do this when there is a meeting going on so you can click on the link and join the group at any time. Once you are in the group we will call you when the meeting starts - there are currently five meeting s per month, four on every Thursday and one on the first friday of every month. If you dont want to participate just hang up! You have the option to show yourself on video (see instructions below) but many people like to be anonymous until they get used to the experience. 

Once a month we will broadcast the Patient & Carer meeting from the National Aspergillosis Centre using this Skype group so that everyone can join in no matter where they are in the world. We hope that having listened to a speaker you will be able to ask questions and interact as if you were in the room. There is a lot of learning how to do this going on so please bear with us!

You can connect to this group using this Skype Group Link or by calling 0161 818 8314 (NOTE this is a UK number, normal charges apply) NB click on the link, do not copy and paste the link into Skype. Clicking on the link will open the group.

Fron Feb 2nd 2017 we will hold a regular weekly Skype meeting too on each Thursday at 11am - use the same connection settings as given above. The connection details will change as we add features to the meetings but the connection details here will always be correct.

Using Skype

This is free software provided by Microsoft. Download and install from Run the software and set up your own account.

Once successfully installed, if you click on the above link to join the group conversation you may then be asked for a guest ID - type in an ID, anything will do!

You will then be taken to this page:

You may be able to hear the meeting, if not find the button on the top right of the group page (see red arrow above). 

If you do not wish to be heard or see you can opt to just use the text chat at the bottom of the page.


Problems with background noise

Sometimes a group member is trying to participate and we find that their microphone is picking up lots of background noise. This makes listening to the group difficult as Skype will constantly be switching to the same person. In the worst cases we will switch off the members connection. If that happens to you please read the instructions below and rejoin as soon as you can.

  1. You should try to participate in a quiet room as background noise tends to interfere with the group members hearing each other.
  2. If your speaker is on too loud or too close to your microphone it can also interfere with group members hearing each other as we will all constantly hear the group conversation from your speakers as well as ours! Turn your speakers down and/or reposition them further away from your microphone if you can - facing away.
  3. If all else fails use a pair of headphones instead of speakers or even buy a Skype headset that has headphones and microphone placed optimally for Skype calls


Good luck and we are looking forward to meeting you there


Graham Atherton