Patient & Carer Meetings

National Aspergillosis Centre holds a patients meeting on the first Friday of each month from 1pm (light lunch) with talks from 1.30pm-3.30pm at the Altounyan Suite in the North West Lung Centre at University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM), Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.

Intended for all patients suffering from aspergillosis (and their carers) this is an open meeting which has become a regular feature and enables all patients (not just those attending the National Aspergillosis Centre) to see a little of what we do here at the centre, some of the research we are part of (and which many patients at the centre participate in) and to socialise with other patients & carers as well as various members of the team at the centre.

It will also provide an opportunity to coordinate more efforts to improve how we help our patients & carers and anyone else who has aspergillosis.

Everyone is welcome. Tea, coffee & light lunch provided.


Approach NW Lung Centre reception as normal but instead of going through the doors on the left for the waiting room, go through the doors to the right of reception. Proceed down the corridor past Lung Function on your right. Go straight through 2 sets of double doors and the door in front of you it to the Altounyan Suite.

The reception area is a small atrium where we will offer a light lunch plus tea & coffee at 1pm.

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Take part in the patients meetings here
If you can't attend - try LIVE! remote access

You can watch & listen LIVE! to each meeting on the internet NOTE that we might not be able to stream through both Ustream and Skype (see below). In that case we will stream on Skype only.

SKYPE TRIAL (January 2017) You will be able dial in to the meeting via Skype 

Skype to drgraham.atherton or call 0161 818 8341 from a phone. If you listen in to the meeting by Ustream or Skype we hope to provide an extra 30mins after the meeting at 15.30GMT for Skype group questions & answers about the meeting. If you are on our list of contacts we will call you on Skype at the start of the meeting - so if you want to participate call and leave a message. A shortcut to the meeting on Skype is


Recordings (Best Quality)

Recordings of all past meetings are available, as Slideshare presentations where you can see the slides and hear the voice of the presenter